B B King Anthology (5 CD) Серия: Deja Vu Definitive Gold инфо 11734z.

Содержание: CD 1: 01 Bad Luck 02 BB'S Boogie 03 BB'S Blues 04 Blind Love 05 Boogie Woogie Woman 06 Bye Bye Baby 07 Crying Won't Help You 08 Dark Is The Night (Part 1) 09 Dark Is The Night (Part вгншз2) 10 Did You Ever Love A Woman 11 Don't You Want A Man Like Me? 12 Early Every Morning 13 Every Day (I Have The Blues) 14 Fine Looking Woman CD 2: 01 Hard Working Woman 02 I Gotta Find My Baby 03 I Want To Get Married 04 I Wonder 05 Jump With You Baby 06 вопыщLet's Do The Boogie 07 Lonely And Blue 08 Miss Martha King 09 Mistreated Woman 10 My Baby's Gone 11 My Own Fault Darlin' 12 On My Word Of Honor 13 Past Day 14 Please Love Me CD 3: 01 Please Hurry Home 02 Ruby Lee 03 Shake It Up And Go 04 She's A Mean Woman 05 She Don't Move Me No More 06 She's Dynamite 07 Shut Your Mouth 08 Sneakin' Around 09 Someday, Somewhere 10 Story From Hy Heart And Soul 11 Sweet Little Angel 12 Ten Long Years 13 That Ain't The Way To Do Itвтсгп 14 The Other Night Blues CD 4: 01 The Woman I Love 02 Three O'clock Blues 03 Troubles, Troubles, Troubles 04 Walking And Cryin' 05 What Can I Do? 06 When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer 07 When Your Baby Packs Up And Goes 08 Why Do Everything Happen To Me? 09 Why I Sing The Blues 10 Whole Lotta Love 11 Woke Up This Morning 12 You Know I Love You 13 You Know I Go For You 14 You Upset Me Baby CD 5: In Concert 01 BB's Intro And Theme 02 Why I Sing The Blues 03 Outside Help 04 Darlin' You Know I Love You 05 Caledonia 06 Everyday (I Have The Blues) 07 The Letter 08 Sweet Little Angel 09 The Thrill Is Gone 10 Guess Who Диски упакованы в Jewel Case и вложены в картонную коробку Исполнитель Би Би Кинг BB King Лидер современного блюза, оказавший огромное влияние на развитие блюз-рока, гитарист, певец и композитор, Би Би Кинг (настоящее его имя - Райли Б Кинг) родился 16 сентября 1925 года в Индианоле (штат Миссисипи, США) Музыкальные взгляды Кинга .

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